Uganda WASH Media Awards 2018



The Uganda WASH Media Awards (UWMA) is an initiative of the Ministry of Water and Environment together with Civil Society Organisations in the Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Sector, to reward excellent reporting on WASH services in Uganda.

The UWMA is a deliberate effort to promote coverage of WASH issues in the local, national and international media and have a positive influence on decision-makers, private sector, civil society as well as individuals.

This 3rd edition of the UWMA is open to all practising journalists as well as freelancers in Uganda’s media.

The Awards are intended to:

  1. Recognise and reward excellence in reporting water, sanitation and hygiene issues in Uganda.
  2. Promote investigative journalism and accuracy as well as creativity and innovation in presenting information about water, sanitation and hygiene.
  3. To foster and promote Public-Private-Partnership and collaboration in developing sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene service delivery.

Awards categories

The UWMA 2018 will give priority to excellent reporting in 9 categories. Focus will be on journalists who write or broadcast original investigative reports on WASH issues. The UWMA will recognise and reward those journalists who deliberately and proactively promote public awareness of water, sanitation and hygiene, and their related development issues.

Special Honorary awards will be dedicated to media institutions for outstanding work in WASH evidenced by overall publicity given. Acceptable entries should have been published in Ugandan media (mainstream or online) between 1st October, 2017 to 30th September, 2018

Categories to be awarded

  1. Print: news feature,
  2. Print: investigative hard news,
  3. Television story: documentary/Investigative
  4. Television feature or hard news
  5. Radio story: documentary/investigative
  6. Radio programme: radio talk shows or investigative features ((MUST be authentic and non-sponsored programs)
  7. Multimedia Category – (The story has used a combination of text, still photography, video clips, audio, graphics and interactively presented online in a nonlinear format in which the information in each medium is complementary)
  8. Online and social media category: May be features/ photo stories/ new stories/ blogs (Must be exclusively published online not a repeat of previous print, TV or radio)
  9. Special media recognition (2): Outstanding work demonstrated by overall proactive publicity given to WASH. Winners of this award will be the media institutions that go out of their way despite the limited resources to ensure maximum promotion of WASH in their platforms.

Guidelines for submissions

  1. Entries must be clearly marked with name, media House, email address and phone number of entrant.
  2. Group stories shall be accepted and rewarded as one entry.
  3. Proof of publication/airing: Entrants must show proof that their submissions were aired or published within the period specified.
  4. Electronic stories should have a date and time stamp as well as the television/radio logo visible. For print entries, the name and date of the publication should be visible.
  5. Submissions in local languages are allowed.
  6.  Electronic entries  should  not  exceed 5  minutes  per  item  and  must  include a  short  script  summarizing  the submitted content. Electronic submissions should be on VCD, DVD or audio CD.
  7. A journalist may submit only one story per category, and not exceeding two categories whether as group or individual.
  8. Online and social media category entries should be printed out in hard copy and clearly indicate the web address and date when the article was published.

 The judging process

An independent, expert panel of 5 members has been constituted to select winning entries based on accuracy, originality, public benefit, clarity and interpretation, audience engagement, innovation, flair, writing, style and creativity.

Winning entries for the awards are selected by the panel to uphold our commitment to fairness and merit-based achievement. This ensures each entry is accorded equal chance of winning an award.

The Prize

Nominated top 3 in each category will receive media mention and will be invited to the Awards Gala Dinner to be held on 26th October 2018 in Kampala. The Winner in each category will receive a competitive cash prize, a commemorative plaque and a certificate, while the first runners up will receive cash prize and certificate.


Key dates for the 2018 Awards

Entries Open:   1st October 2017

Entries Close:  30th September 2018

Awards gala:   26th October 2018


The deadline for submission of entries is October 1st 2018, 1700hrs EAT. Any submissions beyond that date shall not be accepted. Entries should be clearly labeled “WASH Media Awards 2018” and can be posted or physically delivered to:

Ministry of Water and Environment

Plot 21/28 Port bell Road, Luzira

P.O. BOX 20026, Kampala, Uganda

Or can be submit online using You can also obtain more information on the Uganda WASH Awards Website: www.

Up-country entrants:

Submit your entries to UWASNET Regional Coordination Offices. See the link below for applicable Districts and contact details or call +256414223135

For further information, please call 0786022881/0772345551/0752500312/0706116173