Awards categories

The Uganda WASH Media Awards 2017 will be given to excellent reporting in 8categories. Focus will be on journalists who write or broadcast original investigative reports on WASH issues. The WASH Media Awards will recognise and reward those journalists who deliberately and proactively promote public awareness of water, sanitation and hygiene, and their related development issues a priority.

Special Honorary awards will be dedicated to media institutions for outstanding work in water, sanitation and hygiene evidenced by overall publicity given to WASH. Acceptable  entries  should  have  run or  been  published  in  Ugandan media (mainstream or online)  between  11 Sep 2016 and September11, 2017 Group stories shall be accepted and rewarded as one entry.

Categories to be awarded

  1. Print: news feature,
  2. Print: investigative hard news,
  3. Print: Graphic illustration – may be photograph or cartoon
  4. Television story: documentary/feature or investigative hard news
  5. Television drama or sitcom
  6. Radio programme: radio talk shows or investigative features ((MUST be authentic and non-sponsored programs)
  7. Radio drama (MUST be authentic and non-sponsored programs)
  8. Online and social media category: May be features/ photo stories/ new stories/ blogs (Must be exclusively published online not a repeat of previous print, TV or radio)
  9. Special media recognition (2): Outstanding work demonstrated by overall proactive publicity given to water, sanitation and hygiene. Winners of this award will be the media institutions that go out of their way despite the limited resources to ensure maximum promotion of WASH in their platforms.